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The Canadian Army Newsreels

Canadian Army Newsreels

Featuring more than 20 hours of footage, this six DVD set contains 106 newsreels filmed and produced by the Canadian Army Film Unit during the Second World War.

The front-line cameramen were soldiers first. In addition to camera instruction, they received infantry training and took guns into battle along with their 35 mm movie cameras to record the Canadian infantry in action. Their heroic efforts enabled them to scoop their British and American allies on the major events in Europe including the invasion of Sicily and the top story of the century – D-Day.

The newsreels, popular in home front movie theatres, also feature the daily routines of the soldiers behind the lines, life on the home front in Canada and historic footage of politicians and generals from the Allied and Axis countries.

The War Amps, in cooperation with the Library and Archives Canada (LAC) and veterans of the Canadian Army Film Unit, is making this complete set of Canadian Army Newsreels available to the public for the first time. This collection holds an important place in Canada's history.

The Canadian Army Newsreels are held in the vaults of the Library and Archives Canada. Those wishing to obtain newsreel footage for purposes other than research or private study may request permission from the Library and Archives Canada.

Available on DVD!

The Canadian Army Newsreels documented Canadian troops in training, in battle and behind the lines. They also provide a fascinating glimpse of Canadian society in the 1940s and the war effort on the home front. 
Newsreel Descriptions
Cost: $20 (set of six DVDs)

To order, please contact:
1 800 250-3030

Just purchased The Canadian Army Newsreels and my wife and I watched a number of them last night – outstanding and long overdue to be made available to the public. I applaud The War Amps.
Well done!Viewer

Charles N. (Chuck) Ross and Norman C. Quick
Charles N. (Chuck) Ross and Norman C. Quick

Veterans of the Canadian Army Film Unit – the late Charles N. (Chuck) Ross (L) and the late Norman C. Quick (R). The War Amps extends special thanks and appreciation for their invaluable support and expertise in helping to make The Canadian Army Newsreels project possible.
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