The War Amps provides amputees with financial assistance for artificial limbs and information resources that address all aspects of amputation.

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Address Labels

Order Your Address Labels Today

Bennett has been a member of the CHAMP Program since he was just a few weeks old. As he grows up, The War Amps will be there for him and his family every step of the way.

Together with the Key Tag Service, the Address Label Service provides year-round employment for Canadian amputees and other people with disabilities in The War Amps sheltered workshop. Every fall, The War Amps mails personalized, peel and stick seasonal address labels as a thank you to donors. This service has proven to be very useful to Canadians.

The War Amps many programs are made possible through the public's support of the Key Tag and Address Label Service.

Address Labels Are Not Just for Letters and Envelopes!

They can also be used on:

  • Tennis racquets and golf clubs
  • Movies, music, games and books
  • Eyeglass cases
  • Cellphones and other electronic devices
  • Jam jars, crafts or handmade gifts
  • Ballots or applications

In addition to seasonal address labels, other label styles are available that are suitable for year-round use. Address labels are available to Canadian residents only.

Order Your Address Labels Today

Address Labels

The War Amps is ISO 27001:2013 certified for the operation of an information security management system to protect the privacy of donor and key tag information; this is in accordance with Statement of Applicability, Issue 1, dated March 2015.