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The War Amps provides amputees with financial assistance for artificial limbs and information resources that address all aspects of amputation.

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Adult Amputees

We provide adult amputees with financial assistance towards the cost of artificial limbs and a wealth of information about life as an amputee.

Financial Assistance 

The Adult Amputee Program, which provides financial assistance towards the cost of artificial limbs, is available to amputees 18 and older residing in Canada. Individuals must register with us to access our services. As The War Amps is a registered charity, it is important that amputees also access their own provincial or private medical plans, or group insurance.

To Register With the Adult Amputee Program

Please complete the registration form.
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For more information, please contact us.
1 877 622-2472
1 855 860-5595

Information on Life As an Amputee

Adult Amputee

As a centre of excellence, we have many resources available to amputees and their families on living with amputation. Our expertise covers a range of topics, including limb care and hygiene, back pain, gait, driving and employment. Additionally, the booklet Pain and Phantom Limbs includes theories that may explain phantom limb pain and presents information on some of the techniques available to alleviate the pain.

We work closely with prosthetic and orthotic centres, manufacturers and the prosthetic industry in general to keep apprised of the latest developments in amputee care.


The War Amps advocates for individual amputees who have encountered discrimination or red tape in accessing health care, important financial benefits and/or legal rights.

If you are denied funding for an artificial limb by government health care or private insurance, The War Amps can help by reviewing the denial and considering if an appeal is possible. Denials of funding are often due to a lack of understanding of amputation and prosthetic care.

“Thank you so much for helping me out with my most recent prosthesis. My husband and I are on one salary without any insurance and we just get by, so this was a HUGE help for us. I am an above-knee amputee, so my new prostheses are always so expensive. I was really worrying about how I was going to get this one paid off. The funding I received from you was such a big weight lifted off my shoulders.” Lee