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CHAMP Stories

The CHAMP Program is built on the Winner’s Circle philosophy, which encourages child amputees (Champs) to accept their amputations and develop a positive approach to challenges.

Thanks to donor support of the Key Tag Service, The War Amps is able to provide funding for the artificial limbs and devices Champs need to lead independent and active lives.

Meet some of our Champs and their families and see how your support is making a difference in their lives!

  • Feranmi’s Story

    Feranmi was born with complications affecting both legs and the doctors said the best option to allow him to walk properly was amputation. He was fitted with his first set of artificial legs at the age of two and, today, can achieve anything he sets his mind to.

  • Jaelynn’s Story

    Jaelynn is an independent five-year-old who has learned to do all kinds of things using her myoelectric arm. Jaelynn says, “My arm helps me do everything! It opens and closes when I move my muscles.”

  • Dylan’s Story

    Dylan was enrolled in the CHAMP Program after he developed bacterial meningitis that resulted in multiple amputations. His adaptive bicycle, funded by donations to the Key Tag Service, lets him go on rides with friends and helps him with mobility.

  • Sophia’s Story

    Sophia is proud of the “helping hands” she uses to achieve her goals. Her dad says, “With the support of The War Amps, Sophia has all the tools she needs to overcome the challenges that come with being an amputee.”

  • Darevin’s Story

    One day when Darevin was playing, he got too close to a lawn mower and lost his foot. Now, he warns kids to spot the danger before they play so that they won’t have a serious accident like he had.

  • Audrey’s Story

    Upon learning their daughter Audrey would be born missing an arm, her parents enrolled her in the CHAMP Program. Today, she learns from other amputees at seminars and uses her myoelectric arm to do tasks independently.

  • Julianna’s Story

    Being born missing her right arm below the elbow hasn’t stopped Julianna from living a full and active life and achieving her dreams.

  • Megan’s Story

    The War Amps has opened up a world of possibilities for Megan by helping with the cost of her artificial arms, like the waterproof swim arm that gives her safety and balance in the water.

  • Jericho’s Story

    When Jericho was born, he was missing bones in the lower parts of both legs, and a double amputation was his best option for a full and active life. Today, Jericho has special running legs that help put a little bounce in his step!

  • Zoe’s Story

    Zoe was running in the yard when she slipped and fell into the path of a riding lawn mower and lost her leg below the knee. Today, she leads an active life thanks to the support of her family and The War Amps CHAMP Program.

  • Benjamin’s Story

    Benjamin can’t remember a time when he didn’t wear an artificial limb and is grateful for the artificial limbs he needs to enjoy swimming and other activities with his friends and family.

  • Ella’s Story

    From the time Ella’s parents learned their daughter would be born an amputee, The War Amps has been there to help. She uses artificial arms and devices to enjoy her favourite activities!

  • Trinity’s Story

    Trinity’s recreational limbs help her to run, jump and play, but being a part of the CHAMP Program has also given her confidence in herself. There’s no stopping Trinity – watch what she can do!

  • Roan’s Story

    One day while Roan was playing on the family farm, he fell off a riding lawn mower and the blades severed his leg above the knee. Roan and his parents want to warn others about the dangers of lawn mowers to prevent such accidents from happening again.