The War Amps provides amputees with financial assistance for artificial limbs and information resources that address all aspects of amputation.

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The War Amps unique experience and wealth of resources have earned it international recognition as a centre of excellence in the field of amputation and as an expert in amputee rights.


The War Amps produces user-friendly resources and works as a navigator for amputees to educate them on their rights and to access important financial and health-care entitlements.

By educating policy makers, lawyers and other advocates whose work affects the lives of amputees, The War Amps enables them to make well-informed decisions and develop policies that reflect the real needs of amputees.


The War Amps also advocates for individual amputees who have encountered discrimination or red tape in accessing important financial benefits and/or legal rights.

Effecting Change

The War Amps identifies and addresses inequities and gaps in support for war, adult and child amputees in Canada, seeking to effect change in areas such as insufficient prosthetic coverage, insurance and legal issues, human rights, and government benefits that will improve the lives of amputees.

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